Fall/Winter 2019

About the collection

Double Jeu -Double Dealing- is based on the movie by Sacha Guitry Le Roman d’Un Tricheur (1936) which tells the story of a man that succeeds only when he cheats. We follow him through his life until his adulthood where he starts cheating in casinos. Faking different rich identities to get in, he gets really good and richer than the rich, just like his two ex wives. The ROWEN ROSE women this collection do the same, the fakes identities, look too much and people they are not until they become really their true selves. Mixed with Art Deco references, the collection uses anachronism to shine, 20s and 80s with always the brand’s identity. A lot of casino references, old typographies and representative colors create a new atmosphere between games and reality, in a borderline between eccentricity and elegance, a clumsy bourgeoisie.

Collection Chambermaid's Diary